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DairyCast Update for July 9th, 2012, Flex-Fuel Vehicles May Cause More Corn To Disappear

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  • Audio: Flex-Fuel Vehicles May Cause More Corn To Disappear - Additional corn stocks may eventually work their way into fuel tanks as this conversation with Kansas State Ag Engineer Ed Brokesh illustrates. "The Flex-Fuel vehicles can up their ethanol intake substantially" [audio].
  • Video: Cow Abductions? - Doorstep Dairy shares a bit of humor by sharing a cow abduction video on their website. Not that people believe in cow abductions, but just in case, some dairy farmers do their best to protect their cows:) [video].

  • Audio: The Future Of Electronic Payments - The future of retail payments is online and easy to access.  Think about the businesses you do business with and get ready.  This short presentation features Carleligh Jaques of Visa, Inc., speaking at the Web 2.0 Expo in NY.  It comes to you courtesy of the IT Conversations Network [audio].
  • Audio: Shared Values Across the Food Chain - How do large companies that sit between animal producers and consumers develop sustainability programs? Sustainability for those companies is about continuous improvement, understanding the social and environmental impacts of their business practices, and being authentic and sincere with people. Arlin Wasserman, Changing Tastes founder and former Sodexo VP, shares what sustainability also means for animal ag farmers and ranchers [audio].

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