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TruffleMedia Update for July 26, 2012, Whate Are Some Agricultrue Media Perceptions?

Agri-Marketing Posts To Help You

China 2012 Agriculture

  1. Series: Agriculture and China - Through July 22, SwineCast, with a team from JBS United, traveled around the Shandong Province of China to learn and share experiences in pork production. This blog series captures some of the images and thoughts about agriculture in China today [series] [pictures] [reports].
  2. Video: Closing the Trust Gap - Shelly Kramer shares a broad vision from the marketing and media world with agriculture's farmers and ranchers. She talks about closing the trust gap and how to use the web to serve your customers [video].
  3. Blog: PEST analysis Helps Look at Big Picture - Christopher Penn offers a tool to help look at Political, Economic, Social, and Technological (the PEST) factors that might influence you and your company [blog] [details on PEST].

Focus on Agriculture Issues

Are Biofuels Causing Tension?

  1. Analysis: Are Biofuels Causing Tension? - How will the demand for corn be managed in light of the current drought and economic tensions in biofuels? Dr. Thomas E. Elam, FarmEcon LLC, released a presentation and detailed analysis of why the USA Renewable Fuel Standard, in this current weather and economic environment, needs to have flexibility in its application [detailed analysis paper PDF] [summary slide deck PDF].
  2. DairyCast Audio: What Are Future Patterns of U.S. Grains - Dr. Bob Wisner, Iowa State University, and Joel Newman, President and CEO of American Feed Industry Association, provide some highlights of the report titled "Future Patterns of U.S. Grains, Biofuels, and Livestock and Poultry Feeding". This is a another report that highlights the conflicts of having corn being used as a feed grain and a source of energy (ethanol): "Biofuels: A Major Driver of the Changing Feed Cost Environment" is one of the first executive summary points [audio] [report PDF].
  3. SwineCast Audio: Attitude Helps With Today's Climate Issues - Don Tyler of Tyler and Associates discusses some common sense steps to keeping your attitude in check for your health and those around you, in light of the current economics and weather [audio].

Agriculture and the Media

Ag Media, How Can We Listen, Connect, Engage?

  1. Analysis: Ag Media, How Can We Listen, Connect, Engage? - Media has always been a state of change. With digital media the rate of change seems faster. What are media people in agriculture thinking and what do they see in the future? This survey report and original data set highlights some of the feelings and beliefs in ag media [original data] [PDF summary analysis].
  2. Blog: What Agriculture Hashtags Are Out There? - Media (especially digital media) utilize hashtags to help relate and connect stories, blogs, videos, and Tweets. This post shares what hashtags are being used in agriculture [blog].

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