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SwineCast Update for August 10, 2012, Mycoplasma Hyopneumoniae and Is RFS Wavier Legal or Needed?

SwineCast is back from China and on to North Carolina. The annual Boehringer Ingelheim Carolina Swine Health Conference offers excellent producer discussion and interaction in a family friendly environment. Please keep an eye out for the next set of presentation videos at Conference Connection to see what went on.

Three top-notch conversations/presentations are now available via 1) Dr. Bob Morrison's At The Meeting reviews current knowledge on Mycoplasma Hyopneumoniae [audio]; 2) We visit the groundbreaking ceremonies for Legacy Farms at the Fair Oaks Pig Adventure [audio]; and 3) A timely update on feed efficiency in swine from the International Feed Efficiency in Swine conference [audio].

SwineCast® Conversations

Corn for Fuel and / or food?

  • Audio: What's The Latest On Mycoplasma? - Dr. Bob Morrison, University of Minnesota, assembles an Olympic-caliber team to review what we know about Mycoplasma Hyopneumoniae and why it's important for your health team to get it right... on this special episode of At The Meeting [audio].
  • Audio: Fair Oaks Pig Adventure Groundbreaking - The dream of showcasing pork production in a world-class, consumer-friendly facility has broken ground in Indiana. Malcomb De Kryger of Belstra Milling introduces Legacy Farms in conjunction with Fair Oaks Dairy Farms [audio].

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