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Truffle Media Update for August 17, 2012, What Will Ag Media Do?

Agri-Marketing Posts To Help You

All These Tools: What Next?

  1. Audio: At John Deere, We Do Magic With Words - Barry Nelson, John Deere, shares how his love for magic dovetails right into his role in public relations at John Deere. From the 2012 Ag Media Summit, Albuquerque, NM, USA, August 6, 2012. [audio].
  2. Video: All These Tools: What Next? - This session from the 2012 Ag Media Summit in Albuquerque, NM, offers several steps to better identify and use media tools. Additionally, this presentation offers resources to better understand the ag media ecosystem and to help stay informed about technology, media, and journalism [video].
  3. Blog: Klout Today vs Klout Yesterday - Klout, the social media ranking service, recently updated its algorithms under the hood. What does the new Klout do differently than the old Klout? Christopher Penn provides great insight on the numbers using a longitudinal study he has been running [blog].

Focus on Agriculture Issues

How Does Mycoplasma Hyopneumoniae Affect Grow/Finish Pigs?

  1. Audio: Renewable Fuels Association Says Request For RFS Waiver Not Legal Or Needed - In the last email we mentioned a white paper by Dr. Thomas E. Elam, FarmEcon LLC, that recommend that USA Renewable Fuel Standard, in this current weather and economic environment, needs to have flexibility in its application [detailed analysis paper PDF] [summary slide deck PDF]. This week Bob Dinneen, Renewable Fuels Association President and CEO, provides a response, suggesting that an RFS waiver is not legal or needed [audio].
  2. Audio: How Does Mycoplasma Hyopneumoniae Affect Grow/Finish Pigs? - This is a special edition of At The Meeting that shares how to accurately diagnose mycoplasma (M. hyo) for effective control programs in growing pigs [audio].

Agriculture and the Media

12 Time Saving Ideas in Ag Media

  1. Blog: 12 Time Saving Ideas in Ag Media - From the 2012 Ag Media Summit, these are several tips to help people save time and keep focused. Tips include resource links to help learn more [blog].
  2. Blog: BSE, Social Media and Getting Old - When there was a BSE out break in early 2012, Cheri Zagurski at DTN saw the smoke via Twitter. Being the responsible reporter, she knew that BSE on Twitter was only a lead, not a reliable source. She worked with her colleagues at DTN to establish credible sources and was able to tell the story accurately to farmers and ranchers. For Cheri, social media became a new usable tool in the process of ag news journalism [blog].

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