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SwineCast Update for August 23, 2012, How can you track herd progress?

Dr. Keith Kinsley, Standard Nutrition Company, recommends producers explore new ways of tracking herd progress, looking for a leg up in a highly competitive and feed challenged industry [audio]. Also, Dr. Mike Appley, Kansas State University, covers issues on access to prophylactic antibiotic use in swine herds [audio].

The Allen D. Leman Conference in St. Paul, MN, is September 17-18, preceded by several pre-conference programs which will be published on If you haven't yet registered for Leman, time is growing short. Hope to see you there!

SwineCast® Conversations

What Are All The Tools To Manage Your Pigs?

  • Audio: What About Antibiotic Use and Legislation? - Dr. Mike Apley from Kansas State shares an overview of his presentation to swine producers at the 2012 Boehringer Ingelheim Swine Health Seminar and discusses a concern of non-prescribed antibiotics in many areas of the world [audio].
  • Audio: What's The Latest On Mycoplasma? - Dr. Bob Morrison, University of Minnesota, assembles an Olympic-caliber team to review what we know about Mycoplasma Hyopneumoniae and why it's important for your health team to get it right... on this special episode of At The Meeting [audio].

Fair Oaks Pig Adventure Groundbreaking

  • Audio: Fair Oaks Pig Adventure Groundbreaking - The dream of showcasing pork production in a world-class, consumer-friendly facility has broken ground in Indiana. Malcomb De Kryger of Belstra Milling introduces Legacy Farms in conjunction with Fair Oaks Dairy Farms [audio].

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