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SwineCast Update for September 7, 2012, Move Finishers a Couple of Weeks Early?

A new conversations on includes an excellent update by Kansas State's Dr. Mike Tokach looking at the impact of this year's feed costs on market weights. His research suggests you may want to be moving those finishers a couple of weeks early [audio].

We also have an update on the Trans-Pacific Partnership. This is one of the agreements that your congressmen need to be aware of to help passage when we get to that point. NPPC"s Laurie Hueneke says the discussion has potential to provide tremendous dividends to the U.S. swine industry [audio].

Get your sights set on the Leman Conference Sept. 17-18 in St. Paul. There will be many great presentations for producers and health providers. We always walk away with more useful information than we hoped and looking at the agenda, it's sure to happen again this year. New material will be published on If you haven't yet registered for Leman, time is growing short. Hope to see you there!

SwineCast® Conversations

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What Do You Know About Aflatoxin?

  • Audio: What is the Trans-Pacific Partnership? - The Trans-Pacific Partnership discussions continue to advance with more potential partners clamoring to come aboard. Laurie Heuenke, Dir of International Trade Policy, Sanitary and Technical Issues for the National Pork Producers Council provides this update [audio].

What is the Trans-Pacific Partnership?

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