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TruffleMedia Update for September 28, 2012, Agriculture, Food Safety, and Cheese Smuggling

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Agri-Marketing Posts To Help You

Are You Food Safety Ready?

  1. Blog: Are You Food Safety Ready? - September is National Food Safety month in the USA, with reminders and information to be safe cooking meats, fish, and poultry: Be Safe, Don’t Cross-Contaminate. How does this relate to agriculture? Consumers' opinion on the safety of their food does impact farmers. One bad perception affects the agriculture industry in many places. The International Food Information Council Foundation published their 15th annual Consumer Perceptions of Food Technology & Sustainability [PDF] survey, with a key purpose to measure the extent to which consumers’ views of food technology change over time. What consumers believe will come back to the farm [blog].
  2. FYI: Agri Conference Hashtags - This next week is the 2012 World Dairy Expo. If you are an agri-marketer then this event is great example of how digital marketing and agriculture are working together. The World Dairy Expo (follow Twitter hashtag #WDE12) will have multiple ways to interact with the dairy shows, vendors, and educational events using Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest. Can't go to enjoy cheese, ice cream, and cows? Stay connected digitally [hashtags]!
  3. Speaking of Pinterest - Marketing Profs shared a detailed post on the types of links Pinterest will not accept. However, in its efforts to avoid spam, Pinterest has begun to disable some links, which, of course, is one of the main ways businesses can drive traffic to their sites. What is not allowed? Affiliate links, shortened links, and links with information added at the end [blog].

Focus on Agriculture Issues

What is the Science Underlying Feed Efficiency?

  1. Video: What is the Science Underlying Feed Efficiency? - Dr. John Patience, Iowa State University, has been looking at swine feed efficiency for many years. In the last two years he received funding to look at feed efficiency through a multidisciplinary lens, with nutritionists, physiologists, microbiologists, geneticists, and other experts. This expertise have brought together new insights and data that can help address questions about disease susceptibility and growth patterns. From the 2012 Allen D. Leman Swine Conference, September 15-18, St. Paul, Minnesota, USA [video].

Agriculture and the Media

What is the USDA Agriculture Research Service?.

  1. Blog: Smuggling Cheese, Follow the Money - What happens when the price of an ingredient for pizza is 50% cheaper just a few miles away? What happens when that few miles requires crossing international borders and covert action to get those ingredients to the pizza making shop? This short news story [audio] highlights the issues with U.S./Canada dairy trade tariffs and policy. For additional information, see It's time to question Canada's cheese prices; Dairy price gap leaves lots of room for tariff cuts; and Got milk? Canadian shoppers get it at U.S. Costco.
  2. Audio: What is the USDA Agriculture Research Service? - Dr. Wilson will present at the 2012 Latinos in Agriculture conference, providing an update on how the USDA Agriculture Research Service (ARS) works and what the future looks like in agriculture education. In this short interview, Dr. Wilson shares what ARS is about and how it is helping Latinos in agriculture [audio].

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