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Truffle Media Update for November 1, 2012, Future of Food = Future of Ag

Agri-Marketing Posts To Help You

Food Web 2020

  1. Blog: Future of Food = Future of Ag - How the world views food and makes plans to feed people does affect agriculture. What are Kroger and Target saying about agriculture through their food selection? To learn more about the future of food, the Institute For The Future offers up its Food Web 2020 report [blog].
  2. Audio: Taking Your Event Social - Marissa Stone and Jerri Hammonds provide information on taking your event social, using the Priester National Extension Health Conference as a case study. From the 2012 National eXtension Conference, Oklahoma City, OK, USA, October 2, 2012 [audio].

Focus on Agriculture Issues

Improving Afghanistan’s Agriculture

  1. Audio: Boots on the Ground, Improving Afghanistan’s Agriculture - What does it take to improve agriculture in a third world country? Captain Peter Shinn shares what efforts the US Government is doing in Afghanistan to improve their agricultural processes and industry [audio].
  2. Event: Are There Concerns about Antibiotics in Animal Agriculture? - Antibiotics in animal agriculture is an on going public concern. The National Institute for Animal Agriculture is hosting a symposium to convene experts, media, and public opinion on the subject of antibiotic use in agriculture November 13-15, 2012, in Columbus, Ohio [registration]. Criticism primarily revolves around such use and its potential contribution to antibiotic resistance. However, the issue is frequently oversimplified. For more background, the NIAA Antibiotic Use in Food Animals white paper [PDF] synthesizes conversations and dialogue from the 2011 symposium Antibiotic Use in Food Animals [event info].

Agriculture and the Media

Farmers and Kelp

  1. Blog: Kelp For Farmers - Farming is not all corn and beef. Farming takes on new perspective when the crop becomes kelp (a.k.a; seaweed). This NPR post shares this story of how people in the US are taking up farming seaweed. "There's no barns, there's no tractors. This is what's so special about ocean farming." says Bren Smith, owner of Thimble Island Oyster Company [blog] [audio].
  2. SwineCast Video: What Do You Know About Livestock Associated MRSA? - Livestock associated methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) is an emerging political and disease issue that is a hot button topic. Dr. Peter Davies provides an update on the current research to better understand the risks to human health. Additionally, Dr. Davies details the MRSA history, how healthcare professionals have worked through MRSA infections, and how the media has played a part in educating the public. Presentation from the 2012 Allen D. Leman Swine Conference, September 15-18, St. Paul, Minnesota, USA [video].

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