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SwineCast for December 14, 2012, PRRS Control using herd closure?

As we are nearing the end of a year, most producers are happy to it see go. Here are Christmas wishes for good planting conditions in 2013 and a 165 or better bushels per acre in the U. S. corn yield.

Highlighting conversations on PRRS Control using herd closure techniques, Dr. Bob Morrison and The Morrison Group ‘have at’ recent research which looks at the length of time to go from bad to better and produce PRRSv-negative piglets.

Also this week Dr. Candice Croney from Purdue discusses changing consumer interests and the industry’s need to adopt a thought-process to answer their questions. The change she sees and a way to approach our most important player, the consumer. Dr. Croney also presented at the 2012 Leman conference seen here [video].

Finally, how are the high feed prices impacting your average weights? You’ll want to watch Dr. John Patience's presentation on the implications of marketing pigs at heavier weights and Dr. Mike Brumm looks at your equipment considerations when XL pigs leave your finishing barn.

SwineCast® Conversations

Is There an Animal Welfare Communications Gap With Consumers?

  • Audio: Is There an Animal Welfare Communications Gap With Consumers? - Purdue's Dr. Candace Croney recently presented thoughts on sow housing and other welfare issues at the Midwest Pork Conference in Danville, IN. She shares highlights from her presentation and discusses those animal management areas which are overshadowed by the current debate [audio].
  • Audio: Can Using Herd Closure To Eliminate PRRSv Work? - Dr. Bob Morrison and The Morrison Group follow up on an earlier discussion related to herd closure as a option in eliminating PRRS in an operation.  Now, the data from a recent research project fills in the gaps on this episode of "At The Meeting" [audio].

Presentation Playlist: Pork Checkoff Supported Research

Presentation Playlist: Allen D. Leman Swine Conference

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