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SwineCast Update for January 28, 2013, Feed Availability: It's All About The Rain

A quick update from the SwineCast ConferenceConnection team: Great turnout in Minnesota with a lot of interest in tools to maximize efficiency, especially in the feed arena. Dr. Steve Meyer notes we're in nearly the same corn supply situation as last year. Sufficient rain will probably give corn a $4 handle. Another dry year will push it to $8 and force another round of producers to the sidelines. You can view his presentation to the Minnesota Pork Congress here [video].

Also from Minnesota is an excellent PRRS update from Dr. Scott Dee, now with Pipestone Vet Clinic. If it seems like your PRRS challenge is greater these days, his research says it is [audio].

For the Iowa Pork Congress, snow wasn't an issue in Des Moines, though it was bitterly cold on the drive over from Indianapolis. Producers are warily optimistic with feed supply issues on their minds. They're all sure the corn is out there, just not certain how easy it will be to obtain in August. We talked with Automated Production Systems Mark Oberreuter about ventilation issues under current winter conditions and what to watch for in your barns in coming weeks [audio].

Many thanks to the producer associations and sponsors that help us get these important presentations to you via SwineCast's ConferenceConnection.

SwineCast® Conversations

Feed, It's All About The Rain

  • Video: It's All About The Rain - Dr. Steve Meyer, President of Paragon Economics, on the economics of pork production? Rain, rain, and more rain will be the big question for 2013. When, where, and how much? His snappy statement? If it rains then corn will be $4. If it doesn't rain then it will be $8. Dr. Meyer also covers some longer term concerns and opportunities: consumer incomes and their related spending, farm policy and legislation, and changes in industry approaches to animal welfare [video].
  • Audio: Is Ventilation Critical? - Managing your ventilation system during cold weather requires more than turning a dial. Blocking unmanaged air inlets insures sufficient incoming air velocity to keep pigs warm and dry. Automated Production Systems ventilation engineer Mark Oberreuter discusses some common problems he sees [audio].

Farm Finance: What Are You Buying?

  • Video: What Are You Buying? - Dr. David Kohl, Professor Emeritus, Agricultural Finance and Small Business Management, Virginia Tech, offers a set of key ratios for financial management and planning. Actions that he recommends on a regular basis: Check on your credit score and your spouse's credit score. Dr. Kohl also reviews some of the quick reads and metrics to know [video].
  • Audio: Do You Have A Good PRRS SOP? - How is the PRRS virus changing?  Is this the 'new normal'? Dr. Scott Dee shares his PRRS discoveries from his new position at Pipestone Vet Clinic [audio].

ConferenceConnection: Minnesota Pork Congress Wrap-up

  • Conference: Minnesota Pork Congress Wrap-up - Attendees at the 2013 Minnesota Pork Congress were seeking information on health and efficiency as never before. Feed prices pushed higher following last year’s drought and ongoing PRRS challenges prompted many speaker questions during the seminar sessions. Of note is Dr. Liz Wagstrom (National Pork Producers Council) on the future of antibiotic use in pork production [video]; and Jarrod Sutton (National Pork Board, Retail and Channel Marketing) sharing messages that resonate with consumers [video] [conference presentations].

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