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SwineCast update for February 8, Is There Pit Foam Progress?

There were many great conversations at the recent Iowa and Minnesota Pork Congress’. Some presentations that I found especially interesting are: NPPC Vice President of Industry Relations, Dallas Hockman, dug deep into marketplace engagement [video]. The key points in his presentation can be found in the special audio interview for the Listen Now show [audio].

If you’re based in the midwest, you’ll want to pay special attention to the pit foam presentations to better understand the issue and possible solutions: Progress on Pit Foam: Dr. Charles Clanton and Dr. Steve Hoff.

SwineCast is next headed to the Missouri Pork Expo February 13-14 at the Holiday Inn Executive Center in Columbia, MO. No matter where you’re based, these state events offer excellent training and update opportunities for your management team. View them exclusively at

SwineCast® Conversations

What Are Sow Housing Directions?

  • Audio: Engaging The Marketplace For Pork Products - Few of us have time to regularly connect with customers so we rely on our representative organizations to stay in touch. At the Iowa Pork Congress, National Pork Producers Council Vice President of Industry Relations, Dallas Hockman, shares what is being asked of us, the impact of social media and steps we need to consider in the future [audio].
  • Video: Panel - What Are Sow Housing Directions? - Increasing pushes from retailers to shift away from gestation stall pork has many producers on edge about future decisions impacting their farms. This panel of producers, researchers and industry representatives share their experiences with alternative sow housing methods while evaluating management, costs, efficiencies and challenges. The panel also provided an update on retailer decisions to date and current industry response [video].

Are Berkshires Really Different?

  • Audio: What Inspections? - Iowa State Extension Swine Vet Dr. Jim McKean overviewed changes in antibiotic availability, and in this excerpt detailed what we might expect as our practices come under closer scrutiny by those regulating authorities. This 15 minute selection is well worth your time and that of your management staff [audio].
  • Video: Are Berkshires Really Different? - Dr. Matt Swantek & David Stender share their results from a niche Berkshire feeding study. They offer some feeding recommendations and share some of the future directions of Berkshire feeding research [video].

Conference: Iowa Pork Congress Wrap-up

  • Conference: Iowa Pork Congress Wrap-up - At the Iowa Pork Congress there was great interest in the changing regulatory landscape encompassing FDA oversight of animal antibiotics (Dr. Jim McKean), to policies at the federal level (Dallas Hockman). These issues will require close monitoring by your representative organizations and veterinary medical suppliers. There was a special panel on Sow Housing Options that shares an overview of where the industry is today, in both research and production arenas.

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