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Industry Updates

The end of year holidays is when many people give pause to consider those that don't have food or support to help them through. This #AgChat Conversation highlights some of the issues, thoughts, and approaches to helping others.

Where do you start looking for agriculture on Twitter?

What ware some other points of view in other industries or fields?

How do farms handle bad weather and being safe? This AgChat conversation looks at what happens and what tools people use.

Food labels can seem confusing, with the front saying the product is the best and the back stating the numbers. What do you believe?

Approaches to growing crops vary. How are no till and cover crops helping improve farming?

Water is becoming more of an issue and farmers are feeling the effects now. What are some approaches and conversations to solving issues and / or conserving water?

Farms can be dangerous. Planning and practice are needed to keep people from being hurt.