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Industry Updates

Grazing systems need to take into account the health of the pastures and plants, the weather, and the stress levels of the livestock.

What did your grandparents do on their farm? Any stories passed down? This AgChat discussion looks to the past for insight into the future.

How are you able to talk with people about agriculture and what design tools can help share the story? This Truffle Media Update also offers some media production tips and suggests refreshing your approach to email marketing with farmers and ranchers.

There are foods for every season and seasons for every food. What are some and how do you feel about food systems today?

If you find the conversation frustrating when your guests use subjective, emotional arguments, the most recent post at could offer insight. Shawn Lawrence Otto, author, filmmaker, political strategist, speaker, science advocate, and screenwriter and co-producer of the movie House of Sand and Fog, shares thoughts on the dissonance between consumer perception and science reality.

Farmers chat about weather and what it means to them.

Europe is going through a lot of turmoil, economic and political. These will both impact agriculture on the world markets through grain prices and global ag trade.

When do you take a stand about your form of agriculture and what can you share?

What are your goals through social media as a farmer?