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Industry Updates

Did you know the USDA is more than agriculture?

"We can't wait a day or two. We've got to respond in minutes!" Greg Ferrara, VP of Public Affairs, National Grocers Association, offers this insight in today's social media world and consumer demands.

Modern animal ag has become a math problem: reduced land use, more people, more food consumption, less water, and transit costs changing. Add in the need to be global and the need to understand animal welfare and the idea of raising livestock become more complex.

Anne Hazlett, chief counsel to the Senate Ag Committee, and Pete Thomson, senior professional staffer with the House Ag Committee, provide the highlights of the current status of livestock provisions in the Farm Bill.

Do you have the right fencing? Will the cows stay or will they go?

Media does play a part in how people perceive agriculture. What can be done to play in the influencing?

The third-annual Agvocacy 2.0 social media training conference is coming in August and applications are now available. Plus, are you ready for data journalism?

All living things need food. What do plants and farm animals need?

Seeing issues from a reporter's eyes can help animal production operations to improve and work to help educate consumers.