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Industry Updates

How are consumers reacting to antibiotics used in food animal agriculture?

How do you define the word "farm"? Policy definitions of the word can affect how money flows throughout the country.

There is a difference in how farms and ranches in the south operate. Weather, crops, and culture are different. What are some of the approaches to agriculture and food taken in the south?

What are the connection to consumers that farmers and ranchers need develop today?

The latest information on connecting with consumers is shared by the National Pork Board, plus a post about the aging population of newspapers readers highlights that newspapers need to fix the problem instead of debating the data.

Recent swine conferences provide insight on feed economics for 2013 and details on what farm operators need to do with their financial planning.

Updates from several swine conferences will provide insight into the economics of 2013 plus offer guides on management and production improvements.

What does research on the health of farm families show? And who is this pig Annabelle? This recent Truffle Media Update shares these and other bits of information to help keep agri-marketing professionals updated and ready.

What resolutions are you making to help improve your swine farm operations in 2013?