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Industry Updates

What are some new approaches to PRRS control? And is there an animal welfare communications gap with consumers?

Today in Agriculture was a feature advertisement in USA Today. What did it include and what are some of the metrics? Also, how are consumers approaching antibiotic resistance?

What is antimicrobial resistance (AMR) and how do consumers feel about it? What about industry approach to AMR research?

What are the issues of using antibiotics in food animals?

What is the future of family and agriculture? There are currently 4 generations in agriculture. How do they differ?

A recent Leman Swine conference presentation asks if the measure of pigs per sow per year is financially valuable to know. Also, Dr. Ed Pajor, University of Calgary, updates swine professionals on the group sow housing research.

How food is perceived does affect how agriculture needs to operate.

Learn about sow lactation and aflatoxin-tainted corn issues.