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Can dairy farms change to take advantages of perceived negatives and make more money?
Dairy Operations Look to Other Revenue Opportunities

The 2012 Commodity Classic just ended, social media shares what happened.
#Classic12 Glimpse
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Biosecurity is part of many farm operations, both to protect the animals and consumers. Many farms work to keep diseases contained and maintaining a healthy animal population for consumer food products.

Ontario (Canada) chicken farmers follow strict guidelines to protect their birds from diseases and to ensure that the food they produce is safe. Produced by Agricultural Communication students at the University of Guelph.

There are 1.34 billion people in China and they need to eat every day. The resources needed to sustain them are enormous and dwarf many other world markets. China needs the resources of other countries and companies to help their growth. Business opportunities are available to the sharp company keeping an eye out.

David Schmidt, International Food Information Council, highlights the current environment in which consumer / food relationships exist: processed foods are perceived socially, politically, and economically bad; obesity epidemic factors are negative toward food producers; and communication around processed foods are not clear or consistent. From the 2011 Annual Conference of the National Institute for Animal Agriculture, April 11 - 14, San Antonio, TX USA.