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Shows related to economics. Like accounting, monetary issues, economics, cash management, futures, commodities, etc.
Insights from Swine Veterinarians From Their Annual Conference

How do youth swine programs reduce the risks of animal health issues, inform on the proper use of medication, and develop awareness on animal welfare programs?
Missouri Pork Association

Pork Capital focuses on regulation and understanding pit foam safety.
2016 Iowa Pork Congress
2016 Iowa Pork Congress

Agriculture Mobile AppsAg Apps Abound The smart phone ecosystem started in 2007 with nothing and an iPhone. Today there are over three million apps for every imaginable (and unimaginable) task, idea, or industry.

Along with the iPhone, there are other smartphone ecosystems coming in and out of the business (in: Android; out: Blackberry).

While it took a bit, the number of agriculture apps are increasing. Below are several links to ag related apps. Note that the apps mentioned in the links have not been reviewed by Truffle Media; the links are mainly an FYI of what's out there.

How do you find the best app? What is a way to divine the best app? Since today's "best" app may fade away tomorrow, the best approach is to share how to sift through apps and discover what works for you. The Apps For Agriculture presentation outlines what an apps is, what information in the apps stores can help, offers thoughts on connecting with people you know and trust, and suggests some general categories of apps that everyone should have loaded [slides][video].

NIAA Antibiotic Symposium Presentation Playlists The 2015 NIAA Antibiotic Symposium is the fifth in a series of antibiotic symposiums. What happened at the previous four symposiums? Here are the links to the play lists for each year since 2011.

What are the issues in swine that management, staff, and animal health need to know?
Boehringer Ingelheim

Science-based Metrics – Tools to Improve Your Operation - Dr. Marty Matlock, PhD, PE, BCEE, Executive Director, Office of Sustainability, University of Arkansas, from the 2015 NIAA Annual Conference titled 'Water and the Future of Animal Agriculture', March 23 - 26, 2015, Indianapolis, IN, USA.

More presentations at

The Pork Academy offers farm mangers and staff an opportunity to learn about the issues and research that are supported through the Pork Checkoff.
Pork Academy
Logo: National Pork Board

Water, Water, Water: Where are we going, what is missing?
2015 NIAA Water and the Future of Animal Agriculture
2015 National Institute for Animal Agriculture

Pork economics and focus on costs are always a key topic at the World Pork Expo.
Respect the Pig! The World Pork Expo for 2015.