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Cameron Bruett

What is happening with food consumer demand, beliefs, and reality? Cameron Bruett, Head, Corporate Affairs, JBS USA & Pilgrims and President of the Roundtable for Sustainable Beef, provides a reality check for meat producers and what media concerns are influencing consumers. Mr. Bruett's take away: Keep focused on what you are really trying to accomplish.

Cameron Bruett, JBS Chief Sustainability Officer, aims to challenge the views of sustainability and understand the risks and opportunities. Sustainability is a new buzz word and everyone would have their own definition. Mr. Bruett offers a series of stories on working with many groups to help develop definition of "sustainability" that covers the many points of views and goals.

Sustainability - But What Does it Mean? - Cameron Bruett, JBS Chief Sustainability Officer, from the 2014 Iowa Cattle Industry Convention, December 8 - 10, 2014, Des Moines IA, USA