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John Blue

Weather Tracking and AnalysisWeather Whisperers Weather history goes back thousands of years. Data from tree rings, fishing fleets, and written records can be pulled together to help understand weather historically. Combine that with powerful technology and smart people results in tools to help people understand the weather and what impacts will occur.

ag companiesAnimal Welfare Means What? Consumers are looking for information about how agriculture animals are treated and cared for. This resource page provides information on several industry standards plus some opinion on the concerns of consumers from Temple Grandin.

Weather AppsWeather Apps This is a sample of smart phone weather applications. This is one application area where there are many variations on the weather theme. Apple has a dedicated weather application page and the Android Market Place offers a similar set of applications.

ag companiesHow do companies evolve? AgriMarketing Magazine published these charts to help provide perspective on ag history.

These are a series of resource links to better understand the environmental and ecological issues affecting the Great Lakes.

While no one wants to get sick from eating food, there are times when this will occur. These resources can help learn more about safely preparing food, what foods are being recalled, and what some of the issues are within the food safety industry.

Urban AgricultureUrban Agriculture is a phenomenon consumers are starting to connect with. What are some of the issues and resources? These links can help.

What Do You Know About Aflatoxin?Being able to identify the possibility of aflatoxin is critical when it comes to grain being used for food and feed. This resource page is a starting point to staying on top of the issues and training your production staff.
Aspergillus ear rot. Photo credit: Iowa State University

All These Tools: What Next? - John Blue, Truffle Media Networks, 2012 Ag Media Summit, Albuquerque, NM, USA, August 6, 2012.

With limited resources for ag journalists, what are some of the activities needed to uncover and utilize social media/digital tools into the editorial process? Here are five key steps: identify, learn, triage, implement, and review.

This presentation offers resources to better understand the ag media ecosystem and to help stay informed about technology, media, and journalism.

Crop insuranceGrowing food is a risky business because there are many random things outside of the farm manager's control, weather being top of the list. Crop insurance offers farmers and ranchers the tools to help reduce the sting of losses without going seriously bankrupt.