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John Blue

Getting To A Farm BIll 2012The 2012 Farm Bill is a complicated piece of legislation, with so many people in volved and changes occurring that is it difficult to keep up. Use these resources to help your research into understanding the issues.

agriculture economics 101 Markets exist to help smooth the flow of information and make the future more predictable. Or so say some of the theories. But it takes a Ph.D. sometimes to figure out what is going on when corn goes above $8 and you are sitting on several thousand bushels. Do you sell? Or do you wait?

Drought Monitoring in the USA The Drought Monitor website offers snap shot views of drought trends plus future predictions in short term and long term forecasts.

Drought Monitoring in the USA The term Pink Slime is a label applied to what is called by the food industry as lean finely textured beef. What is lean finely textured beef? What is Pink Slim? Below are some selected resource links to help inform.

These resources are to help provide insight and perspective on on corn, fuel, and food. They are not comprehensive nor are they free of bias. But they are helpful in the start of understanding the issues.

Like many people, Google, Yahoo!, or Bing are the first places you start a search. Using one of these sites is ingrained into our day to day activities. While these sites are excellent starting points, they are not the only places from which to discover information.

Are genetically modified organisms (GMOs) misunderstood by the public because of the images used to inform? These resources should help provide some insight on genetically modified organisms and what some of the science entails.

This is just a sample of the news services that offer their information through a mobile application or a mobile focused web page.

A sample of agriculture focused news applications. Most are actual applications while Syngenta Farm Mobile is a web site whose content is mobile focused. More smart phone agriculture news applications available.

Agri-production managers and staff often need to do a calculation while in the field or on the run. These are a sample of some of the smart phone tools available to help make decisions without having to head back to the home office.