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Dr. Matt Lucy, University of Missouri, shares research on glucose and its relevancy to postpartum cows. Dr. Lucy looked at insulin sensitivity and aimed to better understand immune functions in early postpartum periods.

Mechanisms linking postpartum metabolism with reproduction in dairy cows - Dr. Matt Lucy, University of Missouri, from the 2015 Florida Ruminant Nutrition Symposium, February 2 - 4, 2015, Gainesville, FL, USA.

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Meat/Poultry Economic Update & Outlook - Dr. Steve Meyer, Paragon Economics, Inc., from the 2014 Missouri Pork Expo , February 11 - 12, 2014, Columbia, MO, USA.

Dr. Steve Meyer, Paragon Economics, Inc., provides context about how last fall's government shut down impacted the economics of pork production and what data was missing. Dr. Meyer also provided insights on what is on the horizon for meat supplies and their prices.

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Besides swine disease issues, what other concerns do pork production managers have?
Missouri Pork Expo
Missouri Pork Association

Agricultural Estate & Succession Planning - Brent and Connie Haden - Law Firm of Haden & Byrne, LLC [link], from the 2013 Missouri Pork Expo, February 13 - 14, 2013, Columbia, MO, USA.