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Dr. Sara Place, Sustainable Beef Cattle Systems, Oklahoma State University, presents as to why beef sustainable is important today and what factors contribute to "sustainability".

Dr. Place offers perspectives on the various aspects of sustainability and what people believe about them. Her take away is that all stakeholders have very different ways of looking at a problem and there is a need to understand them to work toward supporting sustainability solutions.

Dr. Derrell Peel, Oklahoma State University, looks to help producers with marking programs to take advantage of record cattle prices. Dr. Peel talks about the risk and market factors beef producers need to understand and look for opportunities.

Dr. Peel advises that 2015 will continue to have strong prices and herds rebuilding will continue. He also suggests that there will be margin squeeze for feedlots and packers.

What is the future of food when politics gets involved?

Four students from The George Washington University share their views on food, sustainability, and choice.
Millennials in the Lunch Line. Photo: ZimmComm – New Media, LLC
Photo: ZimmComm – New Media, LLC

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Dr. Gretchen Hilton, Oklahoma State University, presents details on how beef cuts are graded and classified for markets and pricing.