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Food is key to everyone. Some have it and some don't have enough. What will it take to equalize food for all?
Danielle Nierenberg, Frank Sesno, at the 2015 Ag Issues Forum
2015 Bayer CropScience

How Do We Feed A Growing World Without Destroying The Planet? - Dr. John Foley - University of Minnesota , Institute of the Environment, from the Leman Pork Conference, September 18-21, 2010, RiverCentre, St Paul, MN, USA.

Dr. Foley brings together data and stories on how agriculture is part of the environment and what effect are occurring. He also points out some of the myths about agriculture's impacts plus some of the realities.

How much plastics does agriculture use yearly? And what happens to it?
Fruit and Plastic

What is it, what are some of the issues, and what next?
How are subsidies a part of the value of crops?

Ag Career and Job Search ToolsWhat did you do? We all hear about careers and getting a job and doing something. But how do you find that career if you are not sure about anything? These resource links are stating points for discovering and researching agricultural jobs and careers.

Stay connected in the pork industry.
Upcoming Pork Congresses
MN Pork Congress, Iowa Pork Congress

ag companiesHow do companies evolve? AgriMarketing Magazine published these charts to help provide perspective on ag history.

Urban AgricultureUrban Agriculture is a phenomenon consumers are starting to connect with. What are some of the issues and resources? These links can help.