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Weather AppsWeather Apps This is a sample of smart phone weather applications. This is one application area where there are many variations on the weather theme. Apple has a dedicated weather application page and the Android Market Place offers a similar set of applications.

There are 1.34 billion people in China and they need to eat every day. The resources needed to sustain them are enormous and dwarf many other world markets. China needs the resources of other countries and companies to help their growth. Business opportunities are available to the sharp company keeping an eye out.

Smart phones are a unique tool for those doing research and are in need of field data collection. These sample apps use the smart phone and crowdsourcing to bring data from the field into a lab database. These apps help anyone with an interest in the science to report back observations and sightings of environmental or disease issues. The labs are able to expand their reach in terms of data collection and offer back to others the data for land or operation management decision making.

Like many people, Google, Yahoo!, or Bing are the first places you start a search. Using one of these sites is ingrained into our day to day activities. While these sites are excellent starting points, they are not the only places from which to discover information.

Too much data, not enough understanding. How do you quickly pull data, organize it, and then make sense of it all? Several tools and articles are available to help.

The population continues to increase to levels that concern those that grow and produce food. Many believe there is a need to develop technologies that will increase food production at least by 50% to support the expected population of 2050 (9.8 billion by some estimates). While there is general agreement that the population will increase and that access to food will be an issue, there is no definitive solution.

Google insights for Search website is great to discover trends in keywords and terms. is a tool by Civic Impulse, LLC to help the public research and track the activities in the U.S. Congress, promoting and innovating government transparency and civic education through novel uses of technology.

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