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animal health

One Health, Traceability, and Emerging Technologies Mr. Thomas A. Burke, Food Traceability Scientist, Global Food Traceability Center, Institute of Food Technologists, offers thoughts on emerging technologies in animal and food traceability, in the context of one health. The need to keep ahead of animal diseases and causes is critical. Mr. Burke highlights the background of one health: the interplay between animal health, human health, and the environment.

What are the research and solutions being developed to tackle PRRS and related swine illnesses?

NIAA Antibiotic Symposium Presentation Playlists The 2015 NIAA Antibiotic Symposium is the fifth in a series of antibiotic symposiums. What happened at the previous four symposiums? Here are the links to the play lists for each year since 2011.

Joe Sellers, Iowa State University Extension and Dr. Scott Flynn, Dow AgroSciences, talk about beef cattle and the approaches to preventing fescue toxicosis. Mr Sellers details the cow physiology, how cattle nutrition is impacted, and what symptoms are important to notice.

Dr. Flynn focuses on the plant science and what testing needs to be done to identify infected plants. Dr. Flynn also details steps to mitigate fescue toxicosis.

How is the science of transgenic, or genetic engineered, animals progressing?
Dr. Bruce Whitelaw provides an overview of the future of genetic engineering

Seminar provides information on the science behind the Delta Coronavirus.

Social Media Crisis Response Training - Ms. Malissa Fritz, Vice President of Weber Shandwick Farm & Food Advocacy Team, from the 2014 NIAA Annual Conference titled 'The Precautionary Principle: How Agriculture Will Thrive', March 31 - April 2, 2014, Omaha, NE, USA. Ms. Malissa Fritz, Vice President of Weber Shandwick Farm & Food Advocacy Team, provides information on how to use social media to your advantage when it comes to handling a crisis. She shares a case study around the detection of equine herpesvirus (EHV) in 2011 and what actions various groups took.
Minnesota pork producers arrived at the Pork Congress looking for information on equipment and health issues.
2014 Minnesota Pork Congress
Minnesota Pork Board

Consumer & Food: Perceptions, Realities and Steps Towards Instilling Confidence - Mrs. Leann Saunders, Where Food Comes From, from the 2013 NIAA Symposium Bridging the Gap Between Animal Health and Human Health, November 12-14, 2013, Kansas City, MO, USA.

What are the issues of antibiotics, who is helping make change, and what is next?
Antibiotic Confusion, What Is The Future?