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What is the focus on consumer preference and future of agriculture activism?
2018 Animal Agriculture Alliance's Stakeholders Summit
Animal Agriculture Alliance

Understanding the soil and the environment is critical to improving the production of crops.
2018 Conservation Tillage and Technology Conference
The Ohio State University

The Midwest: Moving Toward North Carolina Winters and Arkansas Summers
The Midwest: Moving Toward North Carolina Winters and Arkansas Summers
Dr. Aaron Wilson, Ohio State University

Mr. Josh Flint, Associate Director of Communications, Talent Acquisition, and Retention, The Maschhoffs, shares thoughts on what the public perceives about agriculture. Josh states that agriculture is at a defining moment and right now that moment is being defined by others outside of agriculture. With that opening, Josh shares how social media tools are easy to use and provides details on the resources any operation can pick up and use right away.

Production Growth Ahead - Competition Heats Up
Rabobank Food & Agribusiness Research

Using data in agriculture and food is critical to understanding consumers driving trends.
Ms. Francia Maras

What is important about science communications?
Dr. Alison Van Eenennaam

Millennials are engaging people in conversation on food and agriculture!
Working through problems helps create great opportunities for creating a community of people.

A World With 10 Billion People Will Need Support Starting Now
2017 NIAA Annual Conference: U.S. Animal Agriculture's Future Role In World Food Production
National Institute for Animal Agriculture