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estate planning

Kelvin Leibold, ISU E&O Farm Management, dives into running a business with family. Business still needs to happen, and yet there is always activity of dealing with people very close, everyday, all day. How do you handle transferring parts of the farm to children, siblings, or spouses? Mr. Leibold talks about the legal and financial tools available to help with estate and business planning.

Intergenerational Transfer and Estate Planning - Kelvin Leibold, ISU E&O Farm Management, from the 2014 Iowa Cattle Industry Convention, December 8 - 10, 2014, Des Moines IA, USA

Agricultural Estate & Succession Planning - Brent and Connie Haden - Law Firm of Haden & Byrne, LLC [link], from the 2013 Missouri Pork Expo, February 13 - 14, 2013, Columbia, MO, USA.

Working on the idea of dying is not something people "love" to do, but planning now helps alleviate the loss later.
Who gets what and when?