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Understanding the soil and the environment is critical to improving the production of crops.
2018 Conservation Tillage and Technology Conference
The Ohio State University

Ms. Deb Kristensen, Partner at Givens Pursley, LLP, shares her presentation "When Animal Manure is Regulated like Municipal Dumps", from the recent National Institute for Animal Agriculture meeting in Indianapolis.

Ms. Kristensen points out that new tactics are being developed, using the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) against agricultural operations. This approach is novel and could severely impact all farm operations that have manure.

Dr. Alfredo DiCostanzo, University of Minnesota, talks about the ecosystem of sustainability with respect to manure. What is in the manure that is of value to capture and what must be done to manage appropriately? Dr. DiCostanzo outlines the main drivers of sustainability in cattle feeding-farming operations and what data items should be monitored to understand the economic values.

Fertilizer Price, Manure Value and Farm Sustainability - Pt. 2 - Dr. Alfredo DiCostanzo, University of Minnesota, from the 2014 Iowa Cattle Industry Convention, December 8 - 10, 2014, Des Moines IA, USA

Nicole Kenney, Extension Feedlot Nutrition and Management Team, University of Minnesota, talks about the value of manure. Ms. Kenney provides an historical perspective on where the cattle industry has been and how the reductions in herds changed the landscape. Additionally, Ms. Kenney provides an overview of a research study on the migration of cattle east / north and how cattle on feed is impacting new areas of the country. This change represents an opportunity to have more manure play a part in crop growth and rotation.