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Editor's Note: This presentation has been removed at the request of the presenter.

Dr. Helen Wojcinski, DVM DVSc ACPV, Science & Sustainability Manager, Hybrid Turkeys, shoes what happens when you get thrust into the media light based on undercover videos.

Dr. Wojcinski's timeline is a great case study in how media can work against you and what preparations people in agriculture need to accomplish. Key take away: Obtain training before a real media event occurs. Even if it is for a little bit, that preparation can save you and your livelihood.

A Global Perspective on Market Reactions to and Mitigation of Foreign Animal Disease Occurrence - Jim Herlihy, U.S. Meat Export Federation, from the 2012 Annual Conference of the National Institute for Animal Agriculture, March 26 - 29, Denver, CO, USA.

Mateusz Perkowski, Reporter, Capital Press, Salem, Oregon, speaks at Food and Agricultural Communications Symposium as part of the Food and Ag, Colliding Beliefs and Common Ground Panel.