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Becca Nepple, National Pork Board, and Dr. Dermot Hayes, Iowa State University, provide highlights and details on the state of global trade. Two of the questions they address is "Why is the US Pork Market so Sensitive to Exports?" and "How long will the China opportunity last?"

Dr. Hayes closes with two key points: The long run opportunities for US pork are enormous, especially if we continue to implement trade agreements, and over-reliance on China brings enormous risks (South China Sea, Steel, Chicken, DDGS, Self Sufficiency, Trump).

Dean Black, as a member of the National Cattlemen's Beef Association Board, shares his experiences on several trade missions to Japan and China. He mentioned that many people they meet on the trade missions don't trust the US Government, and some don't even trust their own government. But they do listen to and believe the producers who are on the mission trips.

Beef Trade Missions - Dean Black, Somers Iowa, from the 2014 Iowa Cattle Industry Convention, December 8 - 10, 2014, Des Moines IA, USA