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2012 Indiana Farm Bureau Young Farmers Conference

2012 Indiana Farm Bureau Young Farmers Conference2012 Indiana Farm Bureau Young Farmers Conference, January 27-28, 2012, Indianapolis, IN, USA.

The future of agriculture always lies with the next generation. The Indiana Farm Bureau Young Farmers Conference is an opportunity for that new generation to meet other young farmers, learn about the issues and solutions, and to start making decisions to change their future.

Each year the Indiana Farm Bureau works to bring interesting and entertaining people and seminars to the conference, and this year is no exception. With a keynote delivered by youthful and innovative Ashlie Kolb and Neil Mylet to the practical aspects of risk management by Dr. Corinne Alexander, these presentations will help develop young people into leaders for tomorrow.

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What are the issues and opportunities ethanol plants represent?


While the weather is out of your control, your equipment is something that you can use and improve upon to work around unforeseen issues.


Randy Kron, Vice-President, Indiana Farm Bureau, provides a warm welcome and graciously thanks many of the members that help make Indiana Farm Bureau sustainable and successful.


What agriculture product and marketing changes are needed to support three families on the same land footprint?


What are some approaches to managing profit margin risk?


How can you manage corn production in extreme weather conditions?