Conference Connections

Truffle Media can help you build your Conference Connections today.

Some example Conference Connections:

  • 2011 NIAA Consumer's Stake in Today's Food Production: This is a series of presentations delivered by the National Institute for Animal Agriculture to highlight the consumer's side of food production.
  • 2011 Leman Swine Conference: University of Minnesota Veterinary Continuing Education Program brings together experts on swine production, in honor of Allen D. Leman, a noted swine practitioner.
  • PIC Boot Camp: Regularly, PIC updates its customers on pork production and the practical activities to daily production management. This boot camp series site serves as a curated resource, with information updated as new tips and ideas are developed.

Here are seven steps you can take to keep your conference elevated throughout the year:

  • Create a look. Simple logos offer a way to relate to an event. Colors of the room influence the feeling of the presentation.
  • Develop extras. People who sign up early are with you. They deserve recognition. Give them access. Make them feel special.
  • Highlight everyone's involvement. Even a small conferences have lots of help. Recognize them all.
  • Encourage staff and volunteers to share. Provide people the tools and avenues to share info and coordinate with others.
  • Launch a media series. Create stories to supplement the conference and identify new speakers.
  • Create thematic bundles. Instead of sharing all the media at once, look to launching thematic packages over time. Themes can be based on topic, audience interest, or time of year.
  • Release presentations publicly to a wider audience. Keep the information flowing. Being able to extend your event will help maintain the connections and build a wider audience for the next event.