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Ag Econ 101

agriculture economics 101 Markets exist to help smooth the flow of information and make the future more predictable. Or so say some of the theories. But it takes a Ph.D. sometimes to figure out what is going on when corn goes above $8 and you are sitting on several thousand bushels. Do you sell? Or do you wait?

This resource page offers just a few web resources to help. Start with the Market and Commodities Glossary from the CME group, next the Backwardation Bullish or Bearish video (less than 5 minutes, from The Khan Academy), and then checkout Extension Agricultural Economics fact sheets. These all contain some starting information about economics, risk, and markets. Want some advanced things? Look at the "Forwards and Futures" class lecture from Yale University (~1 hour 10 minutes).

Looking to seriously study agriculture economics? Here is the USDA, regularly updated, Ag Econ department ranking page.

Data? There is a large quantity of market data available from many sources. Some really good sources (beyond the daily market updates) comes from the Federal Reserve's Economic Research & Data page.

Additional resource links below.