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Where on the Internet are some of the people in agriculture?

How do you find crop insurance providers and and figure out the process? These resource links will offer assistance.

The design and development of the USA Farm Bill 2012 has been going for several years. What is needed to get from here to there? Will agricultural subsidy policy and implementation be changed? How will farm subsidies change? Will the US presidential election delay the Farm Bill?

When Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE, Mad Cow Disease, prions) hits the news there is a large portion of the consumer population that worries about being infected and going to extremes to not eat meat. What is BSE and who is responsible for handling outbreaks?

How do you work with family in the family farm? Sometimes, do you feel the need for a good 2x4?

What are puts and calls? Where do I get commodity market data? This resource page offers some suggested web pages to help figure out agriculture economics.

What are your water needs in the next several months and will you be able to have it when you need it?

Would you eat pink slime? How about letting your kids eat pink slime?

Food and fuel discussions have been heated in the past. Before jumping in, get some info!