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Content about NA-PRRS2016

January 13, 2017

How is big data useful in animal health?

Big data and models: Are they really useful in disease management? - Dr. Jim Lowe, University of Illinois, from the 2016 North American PRRS Symposium, December 3‐4, 2016, Chicago, Illinois, USA.

Dr. Jim Lowe, University of Illinois, looks at big data and asks if they are really useful in animal health. Dr. Lowe suggests that animal agriculture is a very complicated and confusing set of systems with variations in many sub-areas, for example biological, mechanical, and human behavior.

December 10, 2016

This annual conference featuring both researchers and practitioners shares actionable data and information to help understand and manage Porcine Reproductive & Respiratory Syndrome (PRRS).

The 2016 North American PRRS conference held December 3‐4, 2016, in Chicago, Illinois, USA, offers academia and industry information on research and solutions being developed to tackle PRRS and related swine illnesses.