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January 13, 2017

What is infectious disease surveillance versus monitoring?

Developments in infectious disease surveillance - Dr. Jeff Zimmerman, Vet Diagnostic and Production Animal Medicine, Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory, Iowa State University, from the 2016 North American PRRS Symposium, December 3‐4, 2016, Chicago, Illinois, USA.

January 13, 2017

How has the Swine Health Information Center fared since its beginning?

This is a look back on the Swine Health Information Center (SHIC) as it passes through its second year. In the next several months, Dr. Paul Sundberg, SHIC's Executive Director, will be sharing updates to producers and looking for feedback on how the center is working.

Below is a timeline of several key SHIC related presentations to help understand the background and the direction SHIC is currently taking.

December 10, 2016

This annual conference featuring both researchers and practitioners shares actionable data and information to help understand and manage Porcine Reproductive & Respiratory Syndrome (PRRS).

The 2016 North American PRRS conference held December 3‐4, 2016, in Chicago, Illinois, USA, offers academia and industry information on research and solutions being developed to tackle PRRS and related swine illnesses.

September 28, 2015

How are mathematical models being used to understanding emerging animal diseases?

Dr. Shweta Bansal, Assistant Professor, Department of Biology at Georgetown University, provides an assessment of how mathematical modeling is used in understanding emerging swine diseases.

Dr. Bansal digs into the data and assumptions used to produce a model to help answer questions about PEDv. Specifically, Dr. Bansal's team analyzed the role of movement in PEDv spread and provide an estimation of likely PEDv sources.

December 4, 2014

What are some trends in understanding antibiotic resistance and what actions are being taken?

Antibiotic Resistance Is ComplexUnderstanding Antibiotic Resistance Is Complex In September 2014 the Executive Office of the President President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology release a report titled Report To The President On Combating Antibiotic Resistance which put pressure on medical, veterinarian, food, and agriculture professionals to take action.

November 15, 2014

What is happening in swine disease research and what are some of the issues coming up in the future?

The 2014 Carolina Swine Health Seminar provided information on the science behind the Delta Coronavirus. Dr. Steven Krakowka, The Ohio State University, highlighted a new perspective that you'll want to share with farm production staff and management.

April 24, 2012

When Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE, Mad Cow Disease, prions) hits the news there is a large portion of the consumer population that worries about being infected and going to extremes to not eat meat. What is BSE and who is responsible for handling outbreaks?

Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE, a.k.a. Mad Cow Disease)Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE, a.k.a. Mad Cow Disease) is a serious disease that can effect the meat food supply if not proactively monitored and diligently handled.