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April 12, 2012

What are some resources to help get going in agriculture as a startup?

AgChat on Young Farmers and Startup Businesses
Young Farmers and Startup Businesses How does one get started in agriculture as a business? What are some of the issues and where does one turn for advice? This #AgChat conversation looks toward those with some experience in running farm and ranch operation for some advice and input.

April 10, 2012

How do you work with family in the family farm? Sometimes, do you feel the need for a good 2x4?

Biz-First Family Tips
Jolene Brown, CSP, (@JoleneBrownCSP, and, shares some tips on working with family in your family business.

March 12, 2012

Dairy farms' reliance on fixed feed cost inputs and milk price outputs are long over. Dairy farming technology in genetics, nutrition, and milk production have come along way. Yet dairy revenues for many farms are flat on a per hour basis. What are some other revenue generating opportunities?

The dairy industry is different. The reality is that set milk and feed prices are a thing of the past and many dairy operations need to approach revenue with a new look. Fulper dairy farms, in upstate New Jersey, is tackling what were perceived negatives and turning them into positives with revenue generation potential.

One of their negatives turned positive? Land. The land prices in their region is expensive because it is so close to New York City (about 90 miles). But that negative turns out to be a revenue generating positive. New Yorkers want farm fresh food and being close means dairy products like cheese have more value in the city.