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November 19, 2013

Data is more available now than ever yet being able to sort through it all for decision making is difficult.

In many sectors of agriculture and food there are bits and pieces of data that are being pulled together. Some of these data sources are o help people better understand how water is used (Making Water Understandable in California ) or helping consumers discover who is involved in creating products in the grocery (Only 10 Corporations Control Almost Everything You Buy ).

November 19, 2013

What is available to help understand food and agriculture on a global or regional scale?

IMAGETITLEUnderstanding Data There are more data sources available to more people than ever in the history of the world. The Internet is a great tool for discovering and researching resources. Below are a few resource. One, the The Data Journalism Handbook, is more about learning about approaches to discovering and using information obtained from various sources. It also is a great resource on tools and techniques.

January 10, 2012

How much product to water do you need to cover a specific acreage? These agri-calculator apps can help save time.

Agri-production managers and staff often need to do a calculation while in the field or on the run. These are a sample of some of the smart phone tools available to help make decisions without having to head back to the home office.

January 10, 2012

How do you quickly pull data, organize it, and then make sense of it all?

Too much data, not enough understanding. How do you quickly pull data, organize it, and then make sense of it all? Several tools and articles are available to help.