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February 19, 2013

How can farmers and ranchers expand their ring of connectedness to people not in agriculture?

Ray Prock and Jeff Fowle, both California farmers and ranchers, provide a perspective on the evolution of digital and social media in agriculture and the need to connect with people not familiar with farming and how food is raised.

"I think we've reached the time where the ability to create an app for some online feature that is useful to people outside of agriculture is going to be the next focus" says Jeff Fowle

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August 1, 2012

Agriculture media has a very niche audience, some speculate approximately less than 3 million people in the US. How is the ag media evolving and what are some of the trends being observed?

In Q2 2012 Truffle Media ran a survey focused on people in agriculture media, marketing, public relations, advertising, or communications. The aim was to get a better sense of what people thought about traditional (radio, print, TV) versus digital (web, social, mobile) marketing and PR.

While the analysis and understanding of the data is a work in progress, the aggregated data and aggregated report (both de-identified) are available for use.

PDF (de- identified ):