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March 1, 2015

How California handles its water issues will set the tone for the rest of the United States. Where will water flow, who is in charge, what life style changes are needed?

Water in California is past a crisis yet action seem limited. The Public Policy Institute of California brought together several panels to talk about the issues, concerns, possible solutions, and actions that all involved need to consider. Presentations & discussion held April 10, 2014, Sacramento, CA, USA.

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Introduction by Ellen Hanak with an Overview of the PPIC Water Finance Study

December 30, 2014

How much water do you believe you use in a day? Do you know how much you actually use?

Dr. Shahzeen Attari - Perceptions of Water UseWhat Do You Believe About Water? Dr. Shahzeen Attari, Indiana University School of Public & Environmental Affairs, shares consumer and market research on what people believe about water usage in everyday settings and the impacts those beliefs have on setting water policy and practice. This presentation is from the 2014 conference on Defining Indiana's Water Needs: Research & Solutions [agenda], held December 12, 2014, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA.

March 24, 2014

What are some of the issues about water and its future?

water resourcesUnderstanding the Water Flow Water is clearly critical to life. But water is a very regional resource. Some areas have plenty of water and there is no concern. Other areas have no water but their neighbors do. Below are some resources to better understand the issues and solutions.

March 12, 2014

Water is becoming more of an issue and farmers are feeling the effects now. What are some approaches and conversations to solving issues and / or conserving water?

AgChat on Water, Water, WaterFeeling High and Dry? In many parts of the US, water is taken for granted. But there are concerns about the future "easy access" to water. In the last few years the concerns about water for agriculture have gained national prominence, mainly through the news about fires and lack of hay for cattle. This AgChat conversation shares some thoughts on what farmers and ranchers are doing to take on the challenges the lack of water brings.

March 19, 2012

What are your water needs in the next several months and will you be able to have it when you need it?

Drought Monitoring in the USA The Drought Monitor website offers snap shot views of drought trends plus future predictions in short term and long term forecasts.

January 27, 2012

Water is critical to agriculture. Too much or too little can destroy crops. How is water being managed?

Ag Water Issues
Ag Water Issues Water is a valuable resource that is an absolute must for agriculture. But a bit too much or a bit too little water can cause havoc for those trying to run farms. This AgChat conversation on water highlights some of the issues and activities being done to address them.