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January 29, 2013

Are you looking for job opportunities in agriculture?

Ag Career and Job Search ToolsWhat did you do? We all hear about careers and getting a job and doing something. But how do you find that career if you are not sure about anything? These resource links are stating points for discovering and researching agricultural jobs and careers.

May 1, 2012

The outlook for agriculture employment is good. Several resources and tools can assist you in discovering agriculture job opportunities.

Employment prospects for farmers, ranchers, and production managers are expected to decline over the next seven years, with notable exceptions in organic farming, horticulture, and aquiculture. The overall outlook for careers in agriculture and food science is brighter—job growth in these areas is expected to keep pace with the average of other occupations in the United States.

Larger Farms, Fewer Jobs

February 2, 2012

Updates on dairy advocacy, meat markets, and playing pigs.

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January 26, 2012

Looking for a career? Agriculture is not just about tractors, soil, and animals!

Agriculture and related jobs in the U.S. has approximately 23 million people. These jobs range from life science researchers looking at plant genetics to logistics support for crop transport and delivery. The skills required range from mechanical engineering to animal sciences.