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Jay Byrne - Getting our Story Heard: Working with Media

Getting our Story Heard: Working with Media - Jay Byrne, CEO, V-Fluence.

Jay Byrne, CEO, V-Fluence, shares how to work on getting your story heard and work with the media to extend its reach. Mr. Byrne shares how the current food and ag ecosystem / environment currently has a very intense advocacy with anti-conventional agriculture messages. The players are partnering with media and political to set the media narrative that is put in front of consumers on multiple channels, from traditional to social media. Mr. Byrne uses his time to share with the audience the strategies and tactics in play and what farmers and ranchers can do to counter and / or partner to level up on their messages.

From the 2016 Animal Agriculture Alliance Stakeholders Summit, Securing Animal Agriculture's Future: Action Please, May 5 - 6, 2016, Arlington, VA, USA.

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