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Brent and Connie Haden - Agricultural Estate & Succession Planning

Agricultural Estate & Succession Planning - Brent and Connie Haden - Law Firm of Haden & Byrne, LLC [link], from the 2013 Missouri Pork Expo, February 13 - 14, 2013, Columbia, MO, USA.

Estate planning joke: grim reaper at door of office "Relax, I'm from the IRS. Death and taxes have merged". Everyone will die and they will have things they want to have happen with their estate. There is always a plan in place, even if you do nothing. But that plan may not be what you want. Connie and Brent Haden, attorneys with Haden & Byrne, outline many of the tools to help families transition farms and businesses. There are always options but planning is key and starting sooner is better.

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