Podcasts to offer National Institute for Animal Agriculture coverage

INDIANAPOLIS — Collaboration between the National Institute for Animal Agriculture and BeefCast®, DairyCast®, PoultryCast® and SwineCast® will make available news and highlights from the organization’s annual meeting scheduled for April 1-3 in Indianapolis.

The podcasts will provide audio access to seminars and forums with industry experts from the NIAA conference addressing disease control, animal welfare, international trade, food safety and security, and animal identification and information systems as well as other important issues. Speaker’s presentations will be available for download as well.

“This year NIAA’s annual meeting will take an in-depth look at animal care and well-being, focusing on animal agriculture’s real and perceived issues,” said Dr. Jerome Geiger, chair of NIAA’s Annual Meeting Planning Committee. “We’re excited to work with a team that provides the technology to make this valuable discussion available to a wider audience.”

The NIAA podcasts will be available online following the meeting at BeefCast.com, DairyCast.com, SwineCast.com or PoultryCast.com through the Conference Connection links. Information on how to access the online materials will also be available at each NIAA seminar.

“Truffle Media is looking forward to working with the National Institute for Animal Agriculture to cover these critical topics and make this news available to everyone – whether they are able to attend the conference in person or not,” said Ned Arthur, host of SwineCast & PoultryCast. “And we are pleased to have Elanco, Mycogen and Boehringer Ingelheim as podcast sponsors.”

For more information on the NIAA and the annual meeting, visit www.animalagriculture.org.

The National Institute for Animal Agriculture (NIAA) mission is to provide forums for building consensus and advancing solutions for animal agriculture and to provide continuing education and communication linkages to animal agriculture professionals. NIAA is dedicated to programs that work towards the eradication of diseases that pose risk to the health of animals, wildlife and humans; promote a safe and wholesome food supply for our nation and abroad; and promote best practices in environmental stewardship, animal health and well-being. NIAA members represent producers, veterinarians, scientists, state and federal officials and business executives.

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Ginny Arterburn, National Institute for Animal Agriculture 270-782-9798, garterburn@animalagriculture.org