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DDGs Raise Potential For Necrotic Enteritis?

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Dr. Ken Macklin, Auburn University, provides an overview of his International Poultry Scientific Forum on the effect of DDGs on necrotic enteritis. Dr. Macklin seems to believe there is a relationship between the two.

Learn How Social Media Is Being Used by HSUS

This presentation by Carie Lewis, Director of Emerging Media, The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), offers a great view in to how HSUS is strategic in its use of social media. While you may or may not like the HSUS, they do have a plan and know where they need to go. Everyone in agriculture needs to leverage this HSUS information to help advocate (aka agvocate) their agriculture, farm, and ranch story.

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Taking Online Dairy Advocacy to the Next Level

How can you utilize social media in agriculture? What steps should you take when general media portrays farming operations in a negative light? This webinar offers some guidance, tools, and resources to help. Webinar from Dairy Management Inc. and, December 14, 2011.

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Truffle Media's 3 Words for 2012

Truffle Media Networks Three Words For 2012
I was recently reminded of Chris Brogan's "My 3 Words for 2011" (plus 2010, 2009, and 2008) and thought how I would apply this to Truffle Media Networks.

One of the recommended approaches is to
"think long and hard about what these words will mean for you, how you can sum up an entire PERSPECTIVE into these words, and how you can use them as guideposts for your actions in the coming year."
So in this spirit I take a jab at creating the three words and share the deeper why.

Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability
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Dennis Treacy shares what sustainability means to Smithfield.
There are five pillars Smithfield looks at when talking about sustainability: Protecting the environment, animal care, food safety, how we treat our employees, and the communities in which we operate.
Smithfield actively works to help consumers understand their company and improve the relationship. Yes, Smithfield is the largest pork producer in the world. Smithfield works to communicate with the outside world about what they do as a large company, sharing the Smithfield story.

Farm Bill - Ag Data Hackathon To Support Debates

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Using software and people to highlight issues is not new. But using it in agriculture is picking up steam. Food+Tech Connect and Gojee brought together journalists, tech designers, food/ag policy experts, and data gurus to explore the 2012 US Farm Bill. The goal was to highlight issues and extract data to support conversations and debate.

Emily Zweber will become the AgChat Foundation's first executive director

Emily Zweber
Emily Zweber (@ezweber ) will become the AgChat Foundation's first executive director. The nonprofit AgChat Foundation (ACF) educates and equips farmers with the skills needed to effectively tell their story on Twitter, Facebook, blogs, YouTube, LinkedIn and other social media services.

Zweber, an organic dairy farmer from Elko, Minn., will focus on furthering ACF's mission of connecting farmers to diverse audiences via social media platforms. She also will provide day-to-day management oversight and fundraising support.

"Emily uses social media every day on the family farming operation, so she’s a great choice for this position," says Darin Grimm (@kansfarmer), ACF president. "What began as an all-volunteer outcropping of an agricultural social media movement is growing into a professionally managed organization. Having Emily on board is a real boost."

Legos Help Learn About Farming

Legos Helps Explain Mint and Potato Farming Warren Seely shares how and why he builds working model tractors with Legos. The why is very insightful: a working Lego model tractor will not hurt you when explaining how a tractor works. Warren also uses the Lego models to explain mint and potato harvesting.

2012 Pork Events Coming Up Soon!

Coming up in January are two main pork industry events.

2012 Minnesota Pork Congress The Minnesota Pork Congress is January 18-19 in Minneapolis, MN. Of note: The pre-congress ventilation seminar on January 17, the keynote January 18 featuring Haydn Shaw on Leading Across Generations, and the Pork Congress trade show January 18 and 19.

2012 Iowa Pork Congress The 2012 Iowa Pork Congress, January 25-26, in Des Moines, Iowa offers insight and observations on the swine production, economics, and legislative activities. Don't miss this opportunity to connect with the presentation experts and discover more on the trade show floor.

What Is Judicious Use of Antibiotics?

Judicious Use of Antibiotics
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Dr. William Flynn, Food and Drug Administration, from the 2011 Antibiotic Use In Food Animals conference, October 26-27, 2011, Chicago, IL, USA. Dr. Fylnn covers some of the many issues surrounding the use of antimicrobial drugs in food animals, from a regulatory point of view.
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