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Truffle Media's 3 Words for 2012

Truffle Media Networks Three Words For 2012
I was recently reminded of Chris Brogan's "My 3 Words for 2011" (plus 2010, 2009, and 2008) and thought how I would apply this to Truffle Media Networks.

One of the recommended approaches is to
"think long and hard about what these words will mean for you, how you can sum up an entire PERSPECTIVE into these words, and how you can use them as guideposts for your actions in the coming year."
So in this spirit I take a jab at creating the three words and share the deeper why.

How Farmers Get Serious Business Done With Mobile

At SXSW on March 11, Justin Davey (Multimedia Producer with, Audrey Bartlett (Product Marketing Manager with John Deere’s Intelligent Solutions Group), Jeff Caldwell (Multimedia Editor for Successful Farming magazine and, and Neil Mylet (a Camden, Indiana, farmer and founder of LoadOut Technologies) will talk about how farmers are really wired and that serious technology is used to bring your food from gate to plate. The panel, moderated by Nathan Wright, will highlight some of the trends in mobile devices and describe several mobile apps in agriculture.

AMC 0057 - What Are Some Community Building Approaches?

Verge on IndianapolisMatt Hunckler ( @hunckler), one of the people behind Verge, formally the Indianapolis Hackers and Founders meetup group, touches on how media and in person events are used to bring people together to share and grow ideas.

While this conversation is not in the agriculture industry, Matt offers some community building approaches that easily can be used by those in ag.

Disney Rejects The Turkey!

Info via

Apple and Cider, the 2010 White House turkeys, will each receive a pardon from President Barack Obama. However, instead of a first class flight to Disneyland, both turkeys will take a short road trip down the river to Mount Vernon, former estate of George Washington.

A Disneyland spokesman said Friday that after five years of taking turkeys, the park will no longer become home to the bird that the president pardons in an annual White House ceremony. Instead, after Obama pardons the turkeys Wednesday, the fortunate fowls will live out the rest of their lives at George Washington's Mount Vernon Estate in Virginia.

Emily Coleman Dibella, a spokeswoman for Mount Vernon, says it's appropriate that the turkeys will go to Washington's home. In 1789, Washington became the first president to issue a Thanksgiving proclamation, and the Washingtons also raised and ate turkeys at Mount Vernon. Wild turkeys still roam the estate.

How Does Global Trade Impact Agricultural?

The Planet Money team produces some of the best shows on the economy, in a form we can all understand. This recent show continues their work on creating a Planet Money T-shirt.

After hearing a young activist ask the question, "Who made your T-shirt?" [Pietra ] Rivoli, a Georgetown economist, realized she didn't know, but she wanted to. She followed the story of one t-shirt across three continents and along the way she witnessed the many ways government impacted its production.

The Planet Money team borrowed the idea of following cotton and T-shirts from Pietra Rivoli, who wrote the book, The Travels of a T-shirt in a Global Economy. Rivoli details not just basic logistics of moving goods but also lays out the complicated global trade policies that governments and businesses negotiate to protect their specific interests.

This particular episode follows cotton fibers from Lubbock, Texas to tossed out T-shirts in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

While this episode talks about cotton, the same issues on trade and policy apply to many other agricultural goods the United States imports and exports.

The emperor has no clothes! Can agricultural advertising change?

The recent article, "The Future of Advertising " in FastCompany, calls out the agency marketing/PR/advertising bus model for what it is. Many of the thoughts in the article have been "known" but few dared to admit it.


Advertising is on the cusp of its first creative revolution since the 1960s. But the ad industry might get left behind.

Like a beetle preserved in amber, the practice of advertising has sat virtually unchanged for the last half-century.

Will agencies and their clients change? Or will there need to be further collapses before clients figure out the model is not working for them and they move on?


Over the past few years, because of a combination of Internet disintermediation, recession, and corporate blindness, the assembly line has been obliterated -- economically, organizationally, and culturally.

Earlier this year, technology observer Clay Shirky argued that "complex societies collapse because, when some stress comes, those societies have become too inflexible to respond."

The impact to agriculture? Agricultural companies have been very traditional in approach to marketing/advertising thorough the model of a "30 second" ad spot or media buy in print. However, those companies that acknowledge their campaigns are not working as "planned" and start adjusting their approach to become "quickly iterative" will be better positioned.

AMC 0056 - How Do You Know Your Farmer?

Organic Valley Know Your Farmer CampaignEmily Zweber ( @ezweber) Emily Zweber Shares Story of Organic Valley Coop's Know Your Farmer Campaign.

Food Art: nature landscapes done with food

Food Art: nature landscapes done with food by Carl Warner.

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