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Taking Online Dairy Advocacy to the Next Level

How can you utilize social media in agriculture? What steps should you take when general media portrays farming operations in a negative light? This webinar offers some guidance, tools, and resources to help. Webinar from Dairy Management Inc. and myDairyToolkit.com, December 14, 2011.

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Truffle Media's 3 Words for 2012

Truffle Media Networks Three Words For 2012
I was recently reminded of Chris Brogan's "My 3 Words for 2011" (plus 2010, 2009, and 2008) and thought how I would apply this to Truffle Media Networks.

One of the recommended approaches is to
"think long and hard about what these words will mean for you, how you can sum up an entire PERSPECTIVE into these words, and how you can use them as guideposts for your actions in the coming year."
So in this spirit I take a jab at creating the three words and share the deeper why.

Missing in Agricultural Media?

ag media expertise
Amongst agriculture communicators, many are familiar with webinars, online media consumption, and using a smart phone. However 62% feel they are beginners or have no expertise in search engine optimization (SEO). Additionally, 64% believe social media will be more important than email in the next several years, as a way to communicate with those in agriculture. This information is from a survey Truffle Media conducted in August 2011 (PDF).

Animal Rights, Animal Welfare, and Religion?

religion effect on animals
Sarah Hubbart, Animal Agriculture Alliance, comments on the trend of animal-focused ministries and how they might be used by organizations like the Humane Society of the United States to create animal rights as a social or religious movement.
As a pet lover, I understand the draw of these sorts of events. Animals play a very special role in our lives and we owe it to them to be good caretakers. But are there more far-reaching implications to this trend than just celebrating the special bond that many of us have with our furry friends?
Sarah suggests that "this does seem to illustrate yet another way that negative perceptions about agriculture can make their way into society."

Talent Shows In Impromptu Performance

Madison FFA chapter members setup an impromptu performance. Mayson Briggs, Jackson Adams, Sam Adams, Jr., Sam Adams, Sr., and Matthew Ray, from the Madison FFA chapter, Madison County North Carolina - Westin Hotel lobby, National FFA Convention, Oct 20, 2011, Indianapolis, IN, USA
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Farmers, Ranchers, and Marketers Digital Expectations?

With respect to new and social media, across  beef,  dairy,  poultry, swine, and  crop farmers, 30% of the people spent at least 10% of their week reading watching, or listening to industry information. 50% of the people spent 20% or more of their week reading, watching, or listening to industry information. This is from a survey series conducted Q1 2010. In a survey conducted Q2 2011, 87% of swine producers listed email as their most valuable communications tool today, with newsletters and magazine at 39% and 25%.

Survey of Agriculture Company and Organization Social Media Bases

In a survey of 526 agribusiness and organizations, 215 had a LinkedIn page, 146 had an organization focused Twitter account, and 252 had a Facebook page.

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Advanced Twitter

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Jeff Fowle's #ACFC11 Advanced Twitter session material can be found on Farm Bloggers.
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