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AMC 0034 - aims to bring farming back to consumers and farmers with new and social media tools. talks about how they are building a community to assist farmers and consumers to buy & sell farm products, and leverage that relationship educate and explore the world of farming.

For agriculture, Twitter/Google deal on search does not a conversation make

Tools are just toolsI just read Whole New (Search) World from Colorado Farm Bureau. Great post about how agriculture can use social and new media tools to move agricultural conversations, ideas, and actions.

While the Twitter/Google deal on real time search is very helpful to making information more widely available, search by itself does not a conversation make. Twitter, Google, Facebook, etc are just tools. Tools help people effect change, evoke action, make things happen; but tools by and of themselves do nothing. I have this great set of tools in my garage but they are never going to make that neat book shelf I need; only a person with talent and time will do it.

Mike Rowe, from Dirty Jobs, is the main keynote at 2009 National FFA Convention

Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs, is the main keynote to the students of the 2009 National FFA Convention , October 21-24, 2009, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA.

Clayton Carley and The Sweet Corn Shack, 2009 FFA Agri-Entrepreneur

Clayton Carley and The Sweet Corn Shack, 2009 FFA Agri-EntrepreneurClayton Carley and The Sweet Corn Shack, 2009 FFA Agri-Entrepreneur, branched out to catering and using T-shirts to spread the word.

Cathryn Clark and Clark's Ark Pet Sitting Service, 2009 FFA Agri-Entrepreneur

,2009 FFA Agri-EntrepreneurCathryn Clark and Clark's Ark Pet Sitting Service, 2009 FFA Agri-Entrepreneur; hardest part to starting company? Buying the variety of food to feed the numerous pets.

Ariel Waldeck and All American Genetics, 2009 FFA Agri-Entrepreneur

Ariel Waldeck and All American Genetics 2009 FFA Agri-EntrepreneurAriel Waldeck and All American Genetics, 2009 FFA Agri-Entrepreneur, shares why she got into showing Brown Swiss Dairy Cows.

Truffle Media Update for Oct 20, 2009, How can you follow the 82nd National FFA Convention?

What is happening in agriculture new/social media?
  • The 82nd National FFA Convention will bring 55,000+ students to Indianapolis for many agricultural related activities Oct 21 - 24. Social media and new media is core to the event: follow through Twitter (@nationalFFA), YouTube, myspace, Facebook, and podcasts/video casts/blogs.
  • Proud To Dairy represents dairymen and women sharing and exemplifying values of hard work, persistence, ingenuity, honesty and homegrown success. MP3 fileRyan Curtis and Ray Merritt provide background, vision, and direction of Proud To Dairy.
  • Illinois MarketMaker is a collaboration between the University Of Illinois Extension, the Initiative for the Development of Entrepreneurs in Agriculture, the Illinois Department of Agriculture, and C-FAR. The idea for MarketMaker was an outgrowth of previous C-FAR projects exploring market opportunities for value-added meat products.
  • Dairy Interactive is an interactive community for sharing comments, concerns, and questions about dairy production. Utilizing interactive 3D animation, provides for customization of milking routines, turning a computer into a 24/7 bilingual training center.

Social Media Gear Up Kit

Get connected, for free Chris Brogan, social and new media connector says "You can pay for my time or you can get it all for free on my blog." He now has a book out Trust Agents.

Get the Twitter Power Guide ebook Christopher S. Penn put together an ebook to help those tap into the data available from using social media tools.

How food is made and consummed, a side trip down hotel survival

Kind of a side ways trip in the food chain. Comedian George Egg demonstrates how to cook tortellini and how to bake muffins, all in a hotel room using just what he find there. Ray Mears meets Bear Grylls meets The Naked Chef.
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