Very technical

Capturing base Twitter discussions

These are some of the steps Truffle uses to semi automatically capture Twitter discussions like #Agchat. They are not perfect and do require some understanding some information technology (LAMP, Ruby, regex). Ideally this would have a simple interface where you supply the Twitter search term and magically returned is the HTML for your web page... That's for the next version.

This whole post is mainly the technical / manual steps. What is missing is the editorial process steps and discussed in later post.

FYI, These steps rely on your having Ruby plus Hpricot (install and info) to interpret the support files.

2009 Allen D. Leman Swine Conference

2009 Allen D. Leman Swine ConferenceAllen D. Leman Swine Conference Highlights include a great presentation by Dr. Kristien Van Reeth on the recent developments in swine influenza (SIV) plus Charlie Arnot shares what consumers want.
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